Get Funded!

    Work Sponsorship

    Ask your HR department to support you and bring your learning back to your work and train others!


    The DSIL Course is a professional development course with a certification, so many of our Alumni come with the support of their companies who see the value in increasing these competencies. All of what you learn will be transferable to your project teams and organization at home. Try something else besides traditional one-day training where there is little interaction and explore how that affects the depth of your learning and daily practice. Besides, there is learning in simply traveling and being open to something new!

    Crowd Funding

    Crowdfunding is a powerful tool that opens new opportunities for giving and receiving!


    Build your skills starting now with our open Classroom on crowdfunding here. Our great friend Steph, who helped build Start Some Good, offers tips on sucessful crowd-funding! See what are alumni did as well for inspiration and have fun with it!

    Tuition Sharing

    Give a little more to support someone else in joining.


    Each application allows for participants to share any amount to help another participant come who may have higher financial restrictions. In 2016, 2 participants made it because of the generosity of others on their tracks.

    Get going early and be a recipient of a global grant!

    There are initiatives around the world who strongly believe in empowering people through education and are looking to financially support motivated individuals in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Get out of the house and go talk to people, do a google search and make a phone call, or get curious about your local Rotary Club, Americorps Grants, and other orgs around the world to see where you may build connections! We have some more ideas that may pave a way here.

    Bring a fellow learner for less

    We believe in the power of learning together. Apply together with a friend, teammate, or fellow changemaker. You will each receive $500.00 USD off after you both receive invitations to register.

    Applies to Field Immersion Course Only.


    Alone we can do little, together we can do much. - Helen Keller

    Give an unforgettable experience as a gift

    Going through an experiential education course allows the learner to take their lessons with them throughout life #dsilstory

    Other ideas? We are all ears! Shoot us an email.