• The DSIL Course Vision

    Moving forward together is the only way we will move.


  • A Word from Katy, DSIL Course Designer and CEO

    I think the world would change if leaders could take just 15% more responsibility for the systems they are apart of every day. I can sense that it's not that leaders don't want to give 15%, but rather that we aren't too sure how to go about it.


    At the DSIL Course, we will help you learn how. Here, we all work to better understand our own habits around how we are able (or not able) to think together and from there create action or innovation that will move us steps forward. We also explore our relationships with self. Our 15% may start there.


    Today, we have the opportunity to pull in the latent richness that is sitting all around the world. We know knowledge is more than certificates and degrees, emerging data keeps us honest, and the privilege of wild creativity can begin to help us make bolder steps. From rice fields to boardrooms, it’s easy for DSIL to see that we don't need to go to Mars to find the leaders we are looking for, or that it is an element of society we haven't cracked yet. What we need to activate is the resources already around us.


    What we need in leaders are the differences in us and between us. 

    Add that to emerging and relevant practices like design thinking or HCD to guide us and I know we will get somewhere.

    This course is for people already committed to not wasting time here on earth and not just because time is limited - but because it is important and because it is beyond you.


    We are moving into our 5th year and many cohorts later, I see the change happening in all sectors simply by watching the lives of our alumni and team. Regardless if the course is right for you, let's talk! We will move forward together or not at all.


    Onward and Upward Together. Shall we?

    Katy Grennier

    CEO, DSIL | katy@dsilglobal.com

  • Why the Next Generation of Designers Will Save the World

    The WHY for Starting DSIL Course by Course Founder Courtney Lawrence​

    Volume 25, Issue 2, pages 42–46, Summer 2014

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