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    We will move together or not at all.


  • A Word from Katy, DSIL Course Designer and CEO

    I know the world would change if we could all muster up 15% more radical responsibility for the systems we are a part of every day. Layer this with the courage to experiment with doing things differently, and we will see real change in the systems that we live in and that surround us. From deep experience working with leaders across many sectors, I see that our main challenge as leaders today is knowing how to move change forward once we have stepped into our responsibility and power to do so.


    At the DSIL Course, you will learn to see what's possible for your organization. The design of the course will guide you to better understand the deep-rooted daily habits around how we work and solve problems. These habits are not only outdated and do not take into consideration the diversity that fills our everyday lives, but they also steal the ability for innovation to emerge. Innovation needs difference to have a chance to unfold at all. You will also explore your relationship with the self and discover who you currently are as a leader. Year after year, I am surprised that for so many course participants, their 15% forward movement starts with working on themselves.


    In 2018, DSIL is entering into its 5th year, presenting another opportunity to learn how to harness all of the untapped richness and resources around us to create change in our systems and our world. By now we know knowledge is more than certificates and degrees, we have emerging data that keeps us honest, and we live in a time where many of us have the privilege to experiment with the wild creativity that will move us towards bold, new steps. What we need is to learn how to activate the resources and differences already around us and within us. With relevant, progressive practices like Design Thinking (Human-Centered Design), you will be prepared to change the game. I see the changes that are emerging in all sectors simply by watching the lives of the previous cohorts of DSIL alumni. I see this on the DSIL team itself as we apply our Course methods to all our other projects that help sectors and cultures work together in new ways.


    This course is designed for leaders already committed to not wasting time here on Earth. Leaders who have committed to immediate change not just because time is limited, but because it is important in shaping our systems and the world beyond us. Join DSIL for the 2018 Course and discover how to make change happen.


    Onward and Upwards,

    Katy Grennier

    CEO, DSIL | katy@dsilglobal.com

  • Why the Next Generation of Designers Will Save the World

    The WHY for Starting DSIL Course by Course Founder Courtney Lawrence​

    Volume 25, Issue 2, pages 42–46, Summer 2014